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Wait - They're Doing What?!

Girl on school steps

The proposed 2018 budget steals $2.4 billion from teacher training, $1.2 billion from vital after-school and summer programs & more. Fight this plan now.

Binge-Reading Is A Thing

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As people grow less satisfied with waiting a year or more for the next in an exciting series of books to come out, publishers are trying a different strategy. Welcome back to the 1800s! »

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Help Rhea Delle continue to attend college and keep her on the path to her dream!

Rhea Delle Acojedo was valedictorian of her high school class. She received good grades in her first year of college, but her family can no longer support her. She is an avid reader, writer, and loves playing the guitar in her free-time. She deserves the opportunity to continue her education.

"My desire in life is to become an effective teacher one day and to help other people." —Rhea Delle

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