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A Humble Dream

"The education I will get will help me to get a job so that I can live independently. It will help me support my siblings and the society too, hence leading a successful life." —Kyebawaire Hellen, 18, Jinja, Uganda

You can help. For just $9.85, you can send Kyebawaire Hellen to school for one week.

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Is Writing Longhand Healthier?

Boy Writing

One researcher set out to answer this exact question. After conducting several studies and comparing them with subjects using a computer, the results are finally in! Read more »

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Build a Boarding School for Forgotten Children

There are up to 100,000 child beggars in Senegal. These street children are poor, have little to no food, and are being pulled out of school to roam the streets. The little education they get is not sufficient to allow them to grow into productive, working members of society. But now, The Forgotten Children are building a boarding school that will hold about 100 kids. This will give these children an opportunity to live safely, while gaining a real education to give them a hope of providing a living for themselves.

You can help. Just $8.15 helps build 5 square feet of the boarding school!

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